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Vivid at Taronga Zoo 2017

‘Lights for the Wild’ art direction and design.

Vivid at Taronga Zoo is a new yet integral part of the wider Vivid Sydney event. I was the creative lead for the 2017 Vivid at Taronga Zoo. As part of this project, I was responsible for the art direction of the campaign and all collateral, which included print and web assets.

This animal lanterns and their real counterparts were the hero of the campaign. I combined these throughout the collateral with a coloured smoke background that was layered with the Taronga Zoo brand patterns, to ensure the design was true to the organizations brand guidelines.

The content suite for this campaign included standard print elements, such as tickets and magazine advertisements but also signage such as crowd control barriers, informative light boxe, and banners. Digital design collateral included social media images and Moshtix elements, along with images for Taronga’s own website.