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SO Manly

connecting organisations doing good in sydney’s northern beaches.

Often in the world of social change, there are multiple groups with the same goal. The Sustainable Organisations of Manly (SO Manly) was created to help connect a variety of groups working to protect the local environment, and provide them with the support they need to get their ideas and projects off the ground.

SO Manly focuses on eight areas, so it seemed fitting for the logo illustration to be a gloomy octopus (that’s a species, not a sad cephalopod!) – a manly local with eight tentacles. I was a co-founder of SO Manly, and in collaboration with the rest of the founders developed the branding for the organisation.

I design the majority of the marketing material for the community events run by SO Manly, such as beach cleans and movie screenings. SO Manly has since expanded to SO Sunshine Coast with plans for a SO Sydney in the not too distant future.